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Equity, Reclassifications & Stipends



To request assistance with the processes of modifying an employee's salary and/or classification due to a change in their job or as a result of review of the current job market. This process is initiated in the following compensation changes:

Reclassification: An update to the employee's role due to the addition of duties which necessitates a change in payroll title. 

Equity: Change to the compensation of an employee to account for market conditions and/or additional responsibilities. 

Stipend: A temporary increase in an employee's salary (with a specific beginning and end date) when management temporarily assigns higher level work than described in the employee's job description for a period of 30 calendar days or more.

Customer's Responsibility

Identify employee, provide current and proposed job descriptions (if applicable), provide justification and obtain approval. Complete exception forms as required.

ACT's Responsibility

ACT will explain process, prepare appropriate documents, and submit via e-Docs. Follow-up with HR as needed. ACT will submit approved documentation to Human Resources Payroll Center (HRPC) for processing. 

Target Processing Time

Once customer's responsibility has been met, ACT has 5 business days to submit request via e-Docs. 

Next Steps in the Process

HRPC processes changes and submits to UCPath Center.


The typical cumulative time for these requests may take up to four months. Some reclassifications can result in a new timesheet in Time Reporting System (TRS).

Processing times are directed towards ACT's efforts only and do not include time waiting for approvals, waiting for additional information from customers/vendors, central offices processing times, and UCLA processing times.