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Expense Transfers



To correct non-payroll entries on the general ledger (G/L) by moving expenses or updating the Full Accounting Unit (FAU). Corrections could include changing account, sub, object, project or source codes.

Customer's Responsibility

Identify expense, provide correct FAU and business justification for move. Requests received after 120 days on the ledger will require additional justification before processing.

ACT's Responsibility

Confirm information; process on-line through UCLA.

Target Processing Time 

Once customer's responsibility has been met, ACT has 5 business days to process.

Next Steps in the Process

If accounts associated with the transfer are grant funds, an additional step to get Research Assistant's approval will be required prior to processing. Once processed, the transaction will be reviewed by Research Accounting Services (RAS) and the G/L will be updated the following business day unless rejected.


The need for the majority of expense transfers are identified by ACT personnel during regular review of the G/L or by department heads during the reconciliation process. Expense transfers cannot cross fiscal years.

Processing times are directed towards ACT's efforts only and do not include time waiting for approvals, waiting for additional information from customers/vendors, central offices processing times, and UCLA processing times.