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Procurement Card Receipt Process



To get procurement card transactions processed in the CatBuy system.

Customer's Responsibility

Attach receipt to ServiceNow ticket within 2 business days of purchase, provide description of goods or services, business purpose, approvals and work order number if applicable. Original receipts should be kept for reference or support during audits.

ACT's Responsibility

Monitor CatBuy for expense to hit, create Purchase Order (PO) in CatBuy, notify customer when transaction is complete.

Target Processing Time

Once customer's responsibility has been met, ACT has 5 business days to create PO in CatBuy.

Next Steps in the Process

Receipts should be maintained for monthly reconciliation by responsible party.


It is highly recommended that receipts are submitted within 2 business days of the intial transaction. After initial purchase it could take 1-5 business days for the expense to hit in CatBuy. Receipts not submitted timely are at risk of hitting the default Full Accounting Unit (FAU), which could result in suspension or cancellation of the card by Procurement Services. 

Processing times are directed towards ACT's efforts only and do not include time waiting for approvals, waiting for additional information from customers/vendors, central offices processing times, and UCLA processing times.