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The Administrative Coordination Team strives daily to meet the processing times outlined in our Service Level Agreement. Our goal is to have a 95% success rate in processing requests on time. As service levels dip, immediate efforts are made to address any issues that might be causing the delays.

6 Month Summary Report - This is a 6 month summary of the processing times for all tickets with ACT's processing time broken out.  It includes the SLA success rate for each service.

Note: The SLA times are directed towards ACT's processing times only and do not include time spent waiting for approvals, waiting for additional information from customers/vendors, central office processing time, or UCLA processing time.

Monthly SLA Reports - These are the individual monthly reports that feed the 6 month summary report.

August 2019

July 2019

June 2019

May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

Annual Time Sensitive Requests Report - This report provides processing information on requests that require an immediate turn-around to meet the customer's need. This report shows processing times regardless of weekends, holidays and the numerous delays each ticket could face (waiting for approval, waiting for UCLA to process, waiting for central office to approve, backlog in ACT, etc.).

Fiscal Report

Requested Item Report