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Division of Finance and Administration

Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement



To process reimbursement for approved UC Merced travel and entertainment expenses.  This includes charges to a Travel and Entertainment card as well as expenses paid personally by the traveler or host.

Customer's Responsibility

Submit description of all expenses and required receipts, provide University business justification for expenses, approvals, and required documentation. Provide approved exceptions to policy if required. Once ACT has entered expenses into the Concur, customer will be required to review and submit transactions in Concur.

ACT's Responsibility

Confirm all required documentation has been received. Enter information into Concur. Notify customer when reimbursement is ready for review and submission. Follow-up in the Concur system until payment is scheduled. 

Target Processing Time

Once customer's responsibility has been met, ACT has 2 business days to enter into Concur.

Next Steps in the Process

Once processed by ACT and approved by appropriate department contact, the request will go into queue for a UCM auditor to review and approve payment.  Once approved by UCM auditors, request will be submitted to UC Merced campus AP for payment.


For any approved business expenses incurred on your Travel & Entertainment card, this process will issue a payment directly to your card.

Although all receipts may not be required for reimbursement, all receipts are required to be kept in the event of an audit. Receipts uploaded into ServiceNow will be permanently documented and readily available to support any audits; it is highly encouraged that you utilize this opportunity if you wish to avoid personal responsibility of the retention of receipts.

Processing times are directed towards ACT's efforts only and do not include time waiting for approvals, waiting for additional information from customers/vendors, and UC Merced central office processing times.